Invercargill Child and Family Centre


Meet our staff who provide psychological therapy, counselling, liaison and occupational therapy for a wide range of people from infants to adults; for individuals, families, groups, couples or professionals.


Our Staff
Dr Kay McKenzie, Registered Counselling Psychologist

Kay is passionate about working with children and families, and also sought after for couples and individual adult therapy.  She is well-trained and experienced in parent-child assessments and therapy.  She has an impressive play room for play therapy with children and their parents.

Kay is popular with several Employee Assistance Programmes.  She provides consultation, specialist services and supervision to several government and non-government organisations.

You can contact Kay directly on 027 22 89 747 or

  Lynley Wilton, Counselling Therapist and Registered Social Worker

Lynley has a particular interest in family therapy as well as various ways of working with children and if life isn’t working for you right now and you want to let go of painful feelings, change negative ideas and patterns of behaviour, I can help you. It is possible to develop positive beliefs, feelings and actions that change how you view yourself, how you connect with others, and manage what challenges you. Living with a sense of respectful self-acceptance and trust in yourself and life is a universal human desire. I would like very much to help you live and feel this way.

Because people have different styles of expressing themselves and learning, I use a variety of approaches. Whatever we do is mutually agreed upon and developed together. I do brief therapy for current issues and EMDR for trauma and changing negative ideas, feelings and behaviours. I use tapping and teach mindfulness strategies in my work with both children and adults. I work with new ideas about the brain that demonstrate we can bring about change and decide to live positively into the future.

Registered Occupational Therapist

We have a registered occupational therapist with many years of experience working in a variety of settings including private practice, pre-schools, schools and hospital as well as continuing to develop new skills through ongoing professional development.

we can provide assessment and intervention programmes for children with daily functional difficulties e.g. handwriting, dressing, school readiness; and sensory processing difficulties using neurodevelopmental, sensory and cognitive processing and occupational performance frameworks.

W can assist with adult occupational therapy particularly following brain injury and concussion. Occupational therapy is for individuals of all ages-to improve skills that help them perform daily tasks at home and at school, at work and at play. Occupational therapy practitioners are unique in that they look at the whole picture when it comes to a person’s treatment- the individual’s abilities, the task to be performed, and the environment in which the task takes place.

Aroha Blair, Massage Therapist

I am a massage therapist who can provide therapeutic massage, relaxation massage or sports massage. I have worked with athletics and body builders assisting with injury. I enjoy matching my massage style to any client’s needs. I believe in a healing touch and creating an emotional connection with clients.

Ruth Clark, Eagala Model Certified – professional Equine Specialist

My life has always involved horses personally and professionally. Through my lifetime of experiences and lessons I have grown, enhanced and developed my skills, which has enabled me to become a professional Equine Specialist and Eagala Certified. Understanding the horse’s ability to connect with people in a profound and effective honest way whether treating addictions, trauma, social and behavioural disorders, depression or other issues, Eagala model Equine Assisted Psychotherapy can help anyone find meaningful, lasting solutions that work’s for them.